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ABOUT This Project

Welcome to the MENA index of critical media literacy portal.


This study aims at surveying the most important trends in media use by young people (participants) in MENA including platform and content preferences and dependencies and publishing the first of its kind comprehensive index that of critical media literacy measuring the ways in which participants in MENA do understand and assess risks & opportunities associated with their media use, screen time, and cyber engagements, and exploring the levels and types of critical awareness and engagements of participants with media content, sources, platforms.


The study will explore participants' awareness and engagement with personal and professional risks and opportunities in dealing with media and the critical views on the role of media as a source of life-long source of education and personal and professional growth. Click here for information about the research and to view the research IRB permits.

Noter that the first phase of the research includes a questionnaire that is open to the public of the age group 15-25. If you would like to participate in focus groups, please contact us below.

The Team

The Research Team


PI, Dr. Abeer Al-Najjar

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Abeer Al-Najjar is an Associate Professor of Media and Journalism Studies at the American University of Sharjah. Abeer was a Visiting Scholar at the Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design and a Visiting Senior Fellow at the LSE Middle  East Centre. Abeer is an Editorial Board Member of  Journalism Studies and the International Journal of Communication. She was the Dean of the Jordan Media Institute in Amman from 2011–12. Received her PhD from the University of Edinburgh. Abeer has published two books and several articles on media, society and politics. 

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Co-PI Dr. Sohail Dahdal

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Sohail Dahdal is an associate professor of media at the American University of Sharjah. Before that he has taught at the University of Technology, Sydney and the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS). His research focuses on the use immersive technologies to enhance the experience of teaching media and the use of immersive digital storytelling as a mechanism to engage youth in cultural and historical content. Sohail worked in Australia with Lonely Planet Publication, SBS and ABC Televisions, and the United Nations Development Program.


RA - Sarah Al Saeid

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Sarah Al Saeid is a student at the American University of Sharjah. She is double major in Journalism and International Studies. Sarah is working under Dr. Al-Najjar’s mentorship on several research projects concerning media and politics in the MENA region. A recent recipient of the Sheikh Khalifa Scholarship 2020-2021. Sarah had also worked at Digital News Department of Al Khaleej Newspaper and the Communication and Marketing Unit of the United Nations World Food Programme. Sarah was appointed as the research project’s coordinator, leading a team of four undergraduate research assistants.

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